Small things do matter

On the 21th of March we organized a charity evening full of food and music, within the community center of Holendracht (Bijlmer). The founder of this No Budget Restaurant is Regina Mac-Nack; Amsterdammer of the year in 2005. Regina regularly organizes events with food from the Food Bank, for a group of people that have to live from a minimum income and can't afford to go to a restaurant at all. We were very happy to organize this event together with Regina for the first time.

We made a culinary journey by making various French and Middle Eastern dishes with the help of some great and inspiring volunteers. We want to thank Regina Mac-Nack, the Community Centre Holendrecht, STUDIO_M, Van Dongen Poelier, Job van Scheijndel, Arisz et Al., Stam Aardappelen, Heman, Kleinste Soepfabriek, Cookie&Co en Kaas en Zo Gelderlandplein. Special thanks to the musicians: Madou Krul, Laura Louisa Currie en Hub Teunissen, for touching people by making beautiful music. Last but not least, we would like to thank our amazing team who made this happen; Jasmijn van Mil, Matthieu Lagae, Caroline Schut, Nada Barraaouan, Mido Aduden, Yvonne Bakker- van der Spek, Bon Dao Ne, Anne Mooijkind, Debbie Lansbergen, Annemarie Cornelisse, Ramilio Teunissen and Lieke van Groeningen.